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Alicia Keys Ditches Blackberry


 Managing Director of Brand Finance Canada, Edgar Baum, sits down with Howard Green to discuss the failed partnership between Blackberry and Alicia Keys. Watch the interview here:   read more

How Much is Brand Santa Worth?


David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance, estimates that "Brand Santa" is worth around $1.6 trillion - some twenty times the size of Apple. Watch the video from CNBC's 'Closing Bell' here . Read the press release here . read more

The Future of Brand Mandella


From political posters to bottles of wine and kitchen aprons, the face and name of Nelson Mandela are a potent commercial and political brand in South Africa. David Pollard and Brand Finance CEO David Haigh look at what changes his death… read more

Press Releases

Philips’ Brand Value Hit by Restructuring Plans


  The Brand Finance Netherlands 50 , released today, is an annual study conducted by leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance . The Netherlands’ biggest brands are put to the test and evaluated to determine which are the… read more

Merkwaarde van Philips omlaag door herstructureringsplannen


  De vandaag vrijgegeven Brand Finance Dutch50 is een jaarlijks onderzoek dat wordt uitgevoerd door het toonaangevende merkwaarderingsbureau Brand Finance. De grootste merken van Nederland worden onderzocht en geëvalueerd om te… read more

Telecoms Brand Value Study Highlights Tussle with Tech Firms


Telecoms Brand Value Study Highlights Tussle with Tech Firms The Brand Finance Telecoms Report is an annual study conducted by leading brand valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance . The world’s biggest telecoms companies are… read more


Global Intangible Finance Tracker (GIFT™) 2015


It is all well and good to want a strong brand that customers connect with, but as with any asset, without knowing the precise, financial value, how can you know if you are maximising your returns? If you are intending to license a brand,… read more

Brand Finance Utilities 2015


The world's most valuable utilities brands read more

Brand Finance Food 25 2015


The world's most valuable food brands. read more

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Global Intangible Finance Tracker (GIFT™) 2015

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