Our analytical services help clients to better understand the drivers of business and brand value. Understanding how value is created, where it is created and the relationship between brand value and business value is a vital input to strategic decision making. In understanding this relationship, BRANDFINANCE is able to help clients leverage brand value and ultimately maximise shareholder value.

Brand Equity Drivers Analysis

The behaviour of each stakeholder group (consumers, customers, trade, retailers, staff, business partners and finance providers) is driven by brand preference.  Brand preference is influenced by functional, emotional and conduct attributes associated with each product and corporate brand in the market place.  By measuring how management actions affect brand attributes within each stakeholder group and by tracking brand preference we are able to predict changes in key value drivers within the business (customer numbers, trial, repeat, recommendation, share of wallet, share of market, staff loyalty, terms of business and cost of capital).  

We are able to forecast better the performance of the business over the planning period to improve the accuracy of our valuations.  This process is known as brand equity analysis.  Brand equity can be measured as an index of individual brand attribute measures and overall brand preference.  

Brand Finance is expert at briefing, managing and analysing brand equity research studies to better predict the behaviour of all the stakeholder groups and the effect of such behaviour on the financial valuation model.  

Specific Offerings

  • Connecting Brand to Business Performance
  • Brand Equity Drivers Analysis

Brand Scorecards

We help companies improve brand performance management and reporting by integrating market research, investment, market and financial metrics into a single insightful model to track performance over time and against competitors and to uncover the most important drivers of overall brand and business value.

Specific Offerings

  • Brand Scorecards
  • Intranet-based Solutions

Brand Strength Analysis

We help businesses understand the relationship between brand attributes and key value drivers in the business model. This is achieved by creating a framework for measuring brand equity and connecting it to value driving behaviour in each stakeholder group. Resources can then be allocated and prioritised based on the overall impact on financial value.

Specific Offerings

  • Brand Strength Analysis
  • Brand Ratings
  • ßrandßeta Analysis®
  • Brand Value Added (BVA®)

Brand and IP Audits

We help clients by valuing branded businesses, brands and other intangible assets for purchase or sale providing reassurance to the investment and management teams. In addition, we assist in securing finance against brands by using a mixture of financial, legal, marketing and commercial due diligence.

Specific Offerings

  • Trademark and IP Audit
  • Visual Identity Audit
  • Marketing budget Audit
  • Licensing and Franchising Audit
  • Sustainability Audit
  • Market Research Audit

Market Research

Brand Finance has worked with all the major global research firms and many small boutique reserarch agencies to commission qualitative and quantitative research for the better understanding of brand direction and value.  The results of such research drive our valuation and evaluation models, populate our brand scorecards and are an essential part in determining brand strategy.

Specific Offerings

  • Qualitative market research
  • Quantitative and trade-off research

Market and Competitor Analysis

We conduct a benchmarking study of the strength, risk and future potential of a clients brand relative to its competitor set. This helps understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the client brand compared with key competitor brands.

Specific Offerings

  • Market Sizing
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Competitor Benchmarking

Marketing Analytics

We help clients improve decision-making by providing insights which assist with budget optimisation, resource allocation, brand performance and evaluation of marketing activities. We help improve the efficiency of brand campaign planning and targeting by isolating and quantifying the impact of different marketing activities. The model guides the mix and combination of future marketing activities.

Specific Offerings

  • Marketing Mix Modelling
  • Marketing Return on Investment
  • Sponsorship Return on Investment 
  • Segmentation studies
  • Budget Setting/ Optimisation
  • Econometric Modelling
  • Pricing / Price Elasticity Modelling

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