We conduct market studies, market sizing, feasibility studies, brand audits and brand portfolio evaluation. Combining market intelligence, brand analytics, market research and financial assessment, we provide greater depth and insights into our clients' strategies.

Brand Strategy

We help clients make disciplined choices about how to maximise economic value, by providing a framework for optimal resource allocation and strategy selection. This helps identify the value optimising allocation of marketing investment, provides a strategic overview of the risks and returns associated with each market segment.

Specific Offerings

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Extension
  • Brand Migration
  • Scenario Modelling
  • New Market Entry

Brand Innovation

Brand Finance has developed an accelerated brand strategy and innovation process known as BrandGenius®.

This process involves a series of three or four management workshops (Insight, Strategy, Creation, Implementation) which are interwoven with on-the-ground research and analysis to feed the process.  These are 1 or typically 2 day workshops with intense consulting activity between sessions to arrive at accelerated solutions to client problems.  Projects have included market segmentation, brand positioning, brand vision and mission, product and service development, brand naming, product launch, licensing and franchising, market entry, sustainability planning, certification strategy, brand architecture, brand portfolio review and distribution/business model redesign. 

Specific Offerings

  • Brand Genius Workshops

Sustainability Strategy

In recent years conduct attributes have become more and more important to all stakeholder audiences.  As a result brands need to consider the sustainability of all their actions and behaviours. This is not just a marketing and communications issue but a deep seated organisational review.  It is necessary to audit all aspects of corporate behaviour and structure, make difficult policy decisions, search independent verification, obtain certification of best practice and then communicate Sustainability in an appropriate way.  

Brand Finance is expert at all aspects of the Sustainability cycle from Audit to Implementation and Measurement.

Specific Offerings

  • Sustainability Strategy

Trademark Registration Strategy

It is vital that the brand valuation includes an assessment of the legal protection afforded to the brand in each geographical jurisdiction and product or service registration category. These legal rights vary between legal systems and need to be carefully considered when forming the brand valuation opinion. For example, the legal rights protecting brands exist at a national (UK), supra-national (EU) and global (WIPO) level and have different characteristics.

Specific Offerings

  • Trademark Registration Strategy


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